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 September 27, 2013

Attention Valued Customers:

There have been recent changes to NFPA regarding the use of antifreeze solutions in sprinkler systems.  Due to the possibility of loss of life and damage to property with the use of these products in the way that was previously listed, NFPA has issued a public service announcement changing the code.

It has been determined that the current freeze protection products listed for use in sprinkler systems are combustible and flammable at certain concentration levels.  There have been recent cases where loss of life, injury and property damage has occurred.

You are receiving this letter because you are the owner or manager of a sprinkler system which contains freeze protection products described above.  These code changes affect both your liability exposure as well as add financial costs for compliance.  We have enclosed copies of the NFPA amendments for your use and also encourage you to visit the website NFPA.ORG/antifreeze for more information.

Per the new code, the freeze protection in your building may no longer be permissible due to the current concentration levels and likely the type of product that was used.  For decades, the fire sprinkler industry was permitted to field mix antifreeze solutions.  The new code requires only the use of factory pre-mixed products with a placard placed near the valve certifying the product.  As such, the antifreeze solution in the building you own or manage will need to be completely drained and replaced with product the meets the criteria of the new code.  Additional test points may also need to be added to meet the code changes for inspection, testing and maintenance.

An additional important consideration for you as the owner or manager of a building containing antifreeze products is that the freeze point protection offered by the new factory pre-mixed solutions may not offer adequate protection against freezing in some situations.  Glycerin at the maximum permissible level of protection will provide approximately -15 degrees of protection and propylene glycol is around 0 degrees.  Currently there are no other factory pre-mixed, listed products on the market that will offer a better degree of protection than this.  If you determine this is not an adequate level of freeze protection for your building then you will need to seek alternative forms of freeze protection such as additional heat, insulation, heat tracing tape, conversion to a dry system, etc.  Sprinkler Systems Inspection Corp. assumes no responsibility for any damages that you may incur due to compliance or non-compliance with these code changes.

System owners are required by NFPA to properly maintain the fire sprinkler system.  The new codes regarding antifreeze changes fall under the owner’s responsibility for code compliance and therefore the potential liability due to compliance or non-compliance lies completely with you.

We would be happy to assist you as you decide how to address these code changes.  Please contact Crissy or Tammy at our office for further information or to schedule a consultation.

Very truly yours,

Sprinkler Systems Inspection Corp.