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Sprinkler Systems Inspection Corp.

Fire Protection Professionals Since 1973

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For over forty years, Sprinkler Systems Incorporated has specialized in installing, repairing, and inspecting fire sprinklers throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. By working closely with general contractors in the area to provide quality work for various construction projects, such as schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Please visit our Recent Projects page to learn more.

Sprinkler Systems Inc.

At Sprinkler Systems Incorporated, we are proud to offer 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year. Our skilled and educated management staff combines over 80 years of experience to bring our customers friendly, knowledgeable service at competitive pricing. Over 75% of our field and office staff have been employed by Sprinkler Systems Incorporated for over twenty years, and all members of our staff demonstrate what it means to be a motivated, committed worker.

Mission Statement

At Sprinkler Systems Incorporated, we understand that communication is paramount to a successful job completion for our general contractors and customers. Thus it is our mission that with every project, whether an installation, inspection, or maintenance call, our team provides our customers with the best possible service and commitment. We strive to integrate our core company values of integrity, quality, and professionalism into every aspect of our work ethic, from the office to the field. At Sprinkler Systems Incorporated our goal isn’t just to install and inspect fire sprinkler systems: it is to protect the lives and property of those in our diverse and ever-changing community.


Experience is a key element that we believe greatly contributes to a project’s success. Sprinkler Systems Incorporated has been involved in many different types of sprinkler system installations over the last forty years:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Institutional
  • Government
  • Residential